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Taking learning/teaching outdoors to keep children engaged and able to enjoy the natural environment that surrounds them.

Outdoor classrooms provide a healthy learning environment, and research shows that children who are exposed to nature tend to present higher levels of concentration and self-discipline; improved awareness, reasoning and observational skills, and also make further progress in reading, writing, math and science – in addition to better at working in teams; and showed improved behavior overall."

  • Increases curiosity and interest in science and nature

  • Improves understanding of the physical environment and appreciation of the natural world

  • Encourages learning through investigation, problem-solving and observation

  • Cultivates personal responsibility

  • Advances physical development, capability, and activity

  • Promotes an active, healthy lifestyle

  • Improves emotional wellness and self-esteem

*Photo from -Your Outdoor Classroom: 6 Steps to Making It Engaging ( *


"The Together Glider from Little Tikes Commercial allows all children to play together. This playground feature is another step toward transforming your recreational space into a universally accessible area, making room for children with disabilities or kids who use wheelchairs to participate in fun activities. In order to make the together glider full wheelchair accessible you can purchase a ramp separately to make sure that all children can be included.

The Together Glider helps promote social development for children of all abilities by giving them an inclusive structure they can all enjoy. This glider is a fun, accessible playground structure that encourages inclusivity and unstructured play for every child at the playground.

There are attached benches for children who want to sit down on the glider, and there are plenty of added support rails for kids who want to stand. This motion play equipment allows for unlimited hours of fun for children of various backgrounds and abilities.


All children ages two to 12 can enjoy this inclusive playground glider together, providing an opportunity for meaningful social inclusion in an accessible play space."


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